Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Just returned from a short stay in Berlin where I explored 'Tacheles' an amazing six storey derelict builidng/art house which is a studio space for a community of artists from allover Europe. It was surreal to go inside and visualize what the building would have once looked like. Every surface has been covered by the artists marks which have been built up over the past 20 years. The seperate rooms leading off from the spiral staircases showed a range of jewellery, painting, illustration and print work. Even more amazing was the old courtyard which has been turned into an outdoor exhibition of metal sculptures including a bar with stools from old spades. I absolutley love this place so when speaking to some of the artists it was a sad to hear that the bulding could be closed anyday due to plans for demolition.

I picked up some postcards from collage and photo montage artist Tim Roeloffs, I love the 3D collages and prints inspired by impressions of television, beer and daily life on the streets. I was drawn to the flash of pink against the old black and white photography, I think pink is becoming my new favoured colour!

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