Saturday, 16 March 2013

moths & resistance

images and inspiration for my final major project theme.
looking at the patterns and marks formed when resistant liquids meet and the patterns within moths wings and surfaces.

Monday, 25 February 2013

final major project

I am starting to research themes and concepts for my final major project and one idea is looking under the microscope. How amazing are these images of alcohol spirits, they look like beautiful prints!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

woolen spirals

Here are some pieces I made at the Shipley Lates event. They are constructed from old woolen blankets which have been dyed. I enjoyed making these so much I have been thinking about products which I could use this technique to create.

final outcomes

Through development I started to piece together sections of textural drawings within my sketchbook. I wanted to use these textures to take into print samples using digital and screen printing. Small sections of drawings I collaged together to produce patterns within Photoshop. Although I liked the way the designs printed digitally, because I had used colour within the original drawings and not edited this digitally the prints turned out quite grainy and pixelated which looked effective in some areas and others not so much. 

For my final outcomes I decided to take my most successful digital prints and worked into one with screenprint on silk fabric. This was time consuming as I was changing between different inks manutex and texiscreen and printing between small sections of the print. Screenprinting my other design onto jersey I tried to build up a pattern within a pattern using a composition where the colour gradually changed moving up the fabric. I finished both designs with hand embroidery and very fine vinyl in neon pink.  

Thursday, 1 November 2012


I am currently working on a brief designing three printed garment fronts. I have decided to merge the trend subterranean with geometry and so I have been drawing from my theme of exposed and destructed brickwork and apartment blocks/lofts. I really found the photographs I took of brickwork inspirational and have wanted to use these within my own work. Focusing on texture within details like rooftops and ceiling beams I am going to combine this with geometric shape and line.


drawing and development

source/ loft image:, blue collage: pinterest

Thursday, 20 September 2012


I recently visited Mark Wallinger exhibition at the Baltic. I loved the simplicity of his concept and the checkerboard with 65,536 stones laid out precisely in each square I related to (I love organisation)

The Other Wall - where each brick is numbered by hand prior to construction and then distributed with no order. Only when looking close up I appreciated the numbering on each brick. The wall has added to my fascination with bare brick walls and the simple line and pattern within this. After seeing this exhibition alongside my imagery taken in Berlin I definitely want to start exploring drawing using this as an initial theme.