Wednesday, 16 January 2013

final outcomes

Through development I started to piece together sections of textural drawings within my sketchbook. I wanted to use these textures to take into print samples using digital and screen printing. Small sections of drawings I collaged together to produce patterns within Photoshop. Although I liked the way the designs printed digitally, because I had used colour within the original drawings and not edited this digitally the prints turned out quite grainy and pixelated which looked effective in some areas and others not so much. 

For my final outcomes I decided to take my most successful digital prints and worked into one with screenprint on silk fabric. This was time consuming as I was changing between different inks manutex and texiscreen and printing between small sections of the print. Screenprinting my other design onto jersey I tried to build up a pattern within a pattern using a composition where the colour gradually changed moving up the fabric. I finished both designs with hand embroidery and very fine vinyl in neon pink.  

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