Monday, 13 February 2012

digital design

A few months ago I explored digital print for the first time. At first I found myself struggling,having only used basic tools on Photoshop I had to be patient while developing possible prints.My developments were playing around with a simple repeat and changing scale and colour. In the end I decided on a colour scheme of mustards browns and deep turquoise - I love the contrast!

Moodboard: Anna Sui Spring 2012 RTW/Paul Smith Chair/Liberty Print/Knitted Tree Unknown/ Coaster Unknown

Anna Sui Spring 2012 RTW:
The composition of print within the collection I found interesting. The gradual change in scale of motif I took inspiration from and put into my own designs by trying to create the scattered motif effect.

Marimekko was a great influence in my designs, the upholstery fabrics by pattern designer Maija & Kristina Isola I love. I can visualise my design on an old traditional style chair for a mix of old and contemporary.

 Marimekko fabric designs by Maija Isola and Aino-Maija Metsola

Experimenting with gamma correction exposure, inverting, desaturation, gradient of colour and altering the scale of motif. Learning the most basic experimentation I found very useful as a starting point for my first introduction to Photoshop. Playing around with these tools I found I liked more than others for example the invert tool created a design which was too vivid and would not fit my target market.

 Final designs

Before learning how to do a simple repeat I copied and dragged the motif into a repeat. Unexpectedly doing this by my own eye caused a line to appear underneath the motif where the image had overlapped another motif. I liked this effect and decided to keep this and put it into my final designs. I think it adds a tribal feel to the print.

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