Saturday, 17 March 2012

My finished piece of wearable has photographed well and especially love the close up shots with the tin robot! I decided on combining the techniques felting, suffolk puffs, furrowing and image transfer patchwork with hand embroidery. I wanted to mix felt within the patchwork areas as I enjoyed taking part in a felting workshop and so wanted to experiment this further myself. I found making felt balls and discs to be too time consuming and I had one week before my deadline so I only used these sparsley and had other areas of felt with I cut into irregular patchwork shapes. The most time consuming part was the smaller features- the suffolk puffs which I played around with and ended up turning into tubular shapes. Sewing around the edge of a suffolk push created this effect which I love. When hand dying the fabric I also had a problem when trying to recreate the same colour. I dyed seperate pieces of fabric and built the piece up one section of patchwork at a time. Despite this the variation of eggshell blue worked well with a slighty lighter colour across the back and a darker shade along the binding. Looking at the piece now I would say that it could be perhaps too overworked as I think towards the end of this module I wan panicing and trying to put as many techniques into the piece as possible.

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