Thursday, 5 April 2012

'One mans rubbish is another childs treasure'

I am currently involved in a live brief set by Kate Usher Studio who create bespoke surface pattern designs for clients and for their own collection of luxury wall coverings. My brief is to design a collection of quirky and inspirational childs wall coverings for junior. Kate Ushers incentive behind her childrens designs is to create a more quirky take on the cliche motifs commonly seen in the market therefore I have chosen a more personal theme for my designs. My theme is: bit and bobs, objects and trinkets children find and collect.

My project whilst studying A Levels which focuses on my personal childhood memories has been a great starting point when thinking about theme and which objects and trinkets I will draw and develop into motif. I want to designs to echo what you may find in a childs pockets. Therefore children should beable to indentify with the motifs on the walls and see it as a collection of 'treasures'  This means my theme is quite broad and I am starting to build up my own collection to draw from.

The printers tray in my hallway at home is somewhere my family can put our trinkets souveniors and any found objects with memories. The nostalgic feel has inspired me to include old retro toys within my collection which I will draw from. I have decided to focus on tangible items which children are drawn to with less focus on objects in the very digital and technologic society children grow up within.

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